2208 / double voiced

The exhibition Double Voiced takes place in a rather small chapel within the complex of the Kunsthal Extracity in Antwerp.

Without fighting nor rejecting the spatial qualities of the given space, the overall scenography of the exhibition comes together around one central structure that stands freely within the chapel. This structure – a column like cross-shaped structure – accommodates the main works of the exhibition, a set of four moving image works produced by four different artists. The scenography takes advantage of the indented corners the cross shape to assign an individual space for each work/artist to further personalize. On one corner, a red quarter-circle shaped table is inserted for a tv to stand on. Next to it a diagonal hanging screen is attached. In a similar manner, a low concave wall holding up a projection screen is placed in another. And the last maintains the form of the indent that the cross-shape forms, with a thin yellow wall simply attached like an open book. Overall, the diversity of expression exposed on one shared structure portrays the story of both the common and the individual at once, all while providing the necessary space between each works for each to be experienced at their fullest extent.

Antwerp, Belgium
Stephen Verstraete
Special thanks
Kunsthal Extra City (Joachim Naudts and Zuzanna Rachowska)
Yuichiro Onuma