Av. de l’Orée 10
1000 Brussels
t +32(0)493041832

BUREAUY is an architectural practice based in Brussels.
Regardless of the scale, each project is seen as a part of a continuous search for an archi­tecture with space for inter­pretation. Reducing archi­tecture to its essential elements, the practice aims to develop archi­tecture with a clear set of order in an eco­nomically efficient manner. The works demon­strate a deli­cate play between the rigid and the fluid, aiming for a time­less archi­tecture which can withstand the ever-changing conditions of our society.

The practice strongly believes in a colla­borative process both with clients, engineers and other architects as well as researchers in and beyond the disci­pline of architecture.

BUREAUY was founded in 2017 by Yuichiro Onuma.

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