2108 / constellations for futures

Set in the former temple of a masonic lodge, the public program constellations for futures hosted a series of events in various forms (lectures, film screenings, performances …). In relation to the aim to discuss consequences of the current crisis in a horizontal manner, the mono-directional characteristics of the provided room seemed misfit. In reaction, a new circular perimeter is introduced within the existing space, in the form of a curved wall holding a projection screen, an orthogonal frame structure housing technical support, and a line directly drawn on the floor.

At first glance, the installation may present itself as a foreigner to the building. Yet further observations prove otherwise. The diameter of the circle, seemingly too large to fit in the room, perfectly meets the size of the extremities of the building itself. The two wooden structure stand in an oblique manner within the room, but parallel to the outlining wall of the existing building. Even the pattern of the silver line on the floor take reference to the tiled ornamental floors found in the rest of the building. In such way, the scenographic installation plays the two contradictory roles of distancing and connecting itself from the existing space, allowing itself to mark its own place within the building without depending on the room itself.

La Loge, Brussels, Belgium
La Loge / Goethe Institute
Yuichiro Onuma