2107 / laying bricks

The exhibition Laying Bricks presented the works of an audio visual platform company elephy. Although all under the umbrella of the platform, each of the four of the artists produce works under their own name. In other words, while the works represented each of the artists as independent practices, the exhibition as a whole should portray these four individuals as one.

Given this condition, the scenography worked around the balance of the individual and the collective. Each of the artists were provided a newly built wall to display their works. The four walls together with a platform defined a boundary within the vast gallery space, creating an empty space in the centre where collective events could be held. Although each in their own size and proportion according to the needs of the works, the walls showed a uniform finish towards this newly defined central space. Yet towards the outside, where the works were displayed, they revealed their independent identity, finished (or un-finished) each in their own way. All together, they portray a relationship where the individuals co-exiting in the same open space strengthen the identity of the collective.


Harlan Levey Projects 1080, Brussels, Belgium
Arthur Jules and Léonor Gomez
Yuichiro Onuma
Special thanks
elephy and the Harlan Levey Projects team