2103 / hints of domesticity

Hints of domesticity is a subtle architectural intervention made for the installation of Eva Giolo’s film Flowers blooming in our throats within the group show Regenerate in Wiels, Brussels. Contrary to the industrial nature of the exhibition space as a former beer brewery, the film work by Eva Giolo portrays subtle scenes of intimacy shot in domestic environments.

The intervention takes hints from ornamental elements used in residential spaces and re-appropriates a ceiling moulding. Unlike how it is most commonly used, the moulding is placed at around 2/3 height of the space. In parallel to suggesting a certain domestic feel, the added element introduces a new horizontal line in the space, creating a slight distance between the technical noise above and the room below. Thus, without ignoring nor cancelling the industrial nature of the building, the ornamental element takes on a new role of creating a calm environment within the existing space while mirroring the domestic touch of Giolo’s film.

WIELS, Brussels, Belgium
Eva Giolo
Yuichiro Onuma

Artworks by Eva Giolo