2106 / rooms for a film

In the occasion of the exhibition MOT Annual 2021 in the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, a set of rooms were constructed as a scenographic installation for the works of the artist Daisuke Kosugi. Playfully responding to the rigid system of the architecture itself, the installation marks loosely defined territories for each film, consciously avoiding a black-box that neglects its surroundings

In the first room, a bench and a translucent curtain suggest a circular enclosure within the open space. Set loose from the rigidity of the building, the film is projected obliquely on a free-standing podium. The second, on the other hand, stays true to the architecture of the museum, creating a territory purely through the use of hanging walls and insulation panels. Yet taking advantage of the surrounding light conditions in this specific location of the building, the film manages to communicate with its surrounding even within its strict confines.


MOT Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Japan
HIGURE 17-15 cas
Kenji Morita, Shinji Terada
Special thanks
Daisuke Kosugi (artist)
Che Kyongfa (curator)