2102 / crescent

The demand of the project crescent was simple and clear, with little space for re-interpretation – to extend an existing multi-story building by adding terraces on its rear facade. Yet simply adding a series of orthodox rectangular terraces here seemed unjust, as it seemed to cause more problems than merits.

Our proposal re-examines the building and its context, and seeks for an alternative solution to the demand of the clients. Taking full advantage of the corner building situation, the newly proposed terraces attach themselves to two exterior walls in a diagonal matter instead of cantilevering from one. Structurally more efficient, such position also allows the terraces to treat the 2 bedrooms facing the terraces equally instead of prioritizing one from the other. Further, the inward curving form resolves both light and privacy issues – the shadows caused by the terraces are reduced to a minimum to allow sufficient uninterrupted natural light to enter the interior space. As the form gets narrower the closer it gets to the edge of the building, no direct view is given into the neighbor’s space. And with the detail of handrails continuing towards the edge of the building, the set of terraces suggests a new reading to the volume of the building, reinforcing its identity as a corner building also towards its backside.


Brussels, Belgium
740m² (185m² per floor, terrace surface 2.75m²)