2005 / paretenda

The project Paretenda is a proposal for new public bus-stops in the town of Termoli, a town known both for its residential quality as well as its role as a summer time resort. Echoing this dual-identity of the town, the design of the new shelter combines two distinct and contrasting elements. While the light weight steel roof structure takes reference of the ‘tenda’ (an element very present in southern Italy) provides shade and shelter to the users, the brick wall communicates with the plastered walls of surrounding residential buildings. The inclination of the corrugated sheet offers an open-feel to those on the street side while clearly signaling its whereabouts towards the city. A window like cut-out is provided in the wall as a place for seating. And towards its back, a frame is attached to display the timetable of the buses together with local announcements. Binding the two is a simple round metal profile coated in golden yellow—a color taken from the town’s coat-of-arms, much like the bright blue color of the roof itself.

As a whole, the new shelter becomes a hybrid landmark, born from a combination of both trivial and local architectural languages, merging itself into the everyday life of Termoli while marking a strong presence to both daily and seasonal users.

Termoli, Italy
Fondazione MACTE

in collaboration with Francelle Cane