1907 / folding figures

Folding figures is a site specific installation for the film ‘taste of tangerine’ within the framework of a solo exhibition for the artist Eva Giolo.

The main space provided for the exhibition was multi-faceted; a white space with multiple windows towards the street, a vast yet modest height space disrupted by a singular column, and windows facing the foyer area. Instead of using this space of many conflicting qualities as is, the installation takes a bold decision of blocking out the majority of the available space, limiting the used area to a small zone with the windows facing the foyer.

The installation takes hint from the repetitive rhythm of the existing windows towards the foyer. The installation echoes the exact width of the windows as the basic dimensions of the modular system. Based on this measure, a rectangular platform is placed gently against the newly built stud walls, where the film is projected. The angle of the walls with the windows create a triangular void between the windows and the platform. Together with the modest height difference, this generates a subtle feeling of an island to the platform, where visitors can devote themselves to the world of the film. And finally, the repetition of the window rhythm create an ambiguous feel of the windows being a part of the installation. The windows slowly transform themselves into a vitrine, thus giving new light to the dead-end foyer space in front.

De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, Netherlands
156m² (31m² used)