1905 / platform for a film

Platform for a film is a modular scenography piece developed for the film ‘taste of tangerine’ by Eva Giolo. Slightly elevated from the ground, the platform is accessible by a few steps which are deliberately detached from the platform itself. The subtle floor drawing of 900×1800mm plywood panels and its wooden scent reminisces entering a Japanese house and the smell of woven ‘tatami’. A screen is attached on one side of the structure, imitating the size of the panels. On it, the image of the film is projected modestly, communicating its wish for the viewer to sit directly on the floor through its rather low position.

By creating such environment to view the film, platform for film aims to guide visitors into a space of its own. A space where time appears to flow slower. Where everything else around seem to gradually fade away, everything but the images of the film and the emotions it leaves you with.

In collaboration with Eva Giolo

Yuichiro Onuma
Special thanks
Gert Aertsen