1903 / apartment 192

Having undergone multiple renovations in different phases, the existing condition of the duplex apartment showed traces of lost identity and a fragmented whole. The project apartment 192 attempts to re-establish a backbone to the space by means of small on-point interventions— a set of door frames. With its angled form, these door frames define a new centrality to the shotgun shaped succession of rooms. Further, bands of furniture set in each room suggest a secondary centrality. Yet given the ephemeral state of these elements, a clear hierarchy between the two centrality is present. With respect to this hierarchy, even the staircase to the upper floor is presented in a furniture-like manner, incorporating itself into the bands of furniture in a light-weight manner.

The project thus investigates the possibility in which details can become the protagonist of a fruitful intervention to the existing, representing a foundation for approaching architecture at all scales.

In collaboration with Francelle Cane

Brussels, Belgium
Structure – Nicholas Delfosse