1903 / apartment 192

Having undergone multiple renovations in different phases, the existing condition of the duplex showed trace of lost identity. The project apartment 192 attempts to bring back a back bone to the building with means of small on-point interventions.

On the ground floor, the existing unaligned walls and decentralised openings create an overall feeling of fragmentation. Here, angled metallic door frames and strips of furniture redefine a succession of rooms all with a shifting central axis within the shot-gun shaped perimeter. On the first floor, the question is rather the opposite; how to solve the newly posed demands without destroying a pre-existing order in space. A set of light curved walls create a shared space in-between the 2 private bedrooms while providing necessary circulation. The materiality and the apparent lightness that it communicates create a delicate play between the existing and the intervention, clearly marking the later as an ephemeral state. With its clear sense of order, the duplex once again acts as one whole space where life can flourish.

In collaboration with Francelle Cane

Brussels, Belgium
Structure – Nicholas Delfosse