1901 / two Ls spell a T

At first sight, two Ls spell a T seems to be a simple round table constructed of metal. But upon further inspection, subtle panelling lines and the varying shades of metal on the table-top reveals that it is actually constructed in three pieces; one half circle piece and two quarter circle pieces. Each of these pieces are attached to each other with simple bolts, therefore also easily detachable. Assembled together, the whole shapes a complete circle. As each piece show slight differences in the finish of the surface due to the natural aging of the metallic material, the assembly results in a combination of unique expressions. Further, with the possibility of separating one or multiple pieces, one is presented a variety of possible uses; a half a circle against a wall, a quarter used in a corner of a room, etc.

As a result, two Ls spell a T presents each and every user with an opportunity to interpret the table in each their own way, evidently leading to different ways of use. With this modest freedom, two Ls spell a T hopes to bring back the people to the centre of focus, instead of the furniture piece as an object.

Yuichiro Onuma