1801 / piscine

Piscine, located in the garden of a villa in the French countryside, is an outdoor pool primarily focused on recreational lane swimming.

A rectangular concrete box inserted in the sloping landscape houses the main function, the basin. On this, a set of added elements, a pole and a perforated screen, are attached. Despite their simple looks, the elements each hold a double-function. A vertical pole provides light for early morning/ late evening swims while its shadow acts as a line to indicate the end of the lane to the swimmers. The perforated curved screen overhanging on the side of the pool acts as a buffer against the view from the public path next to the private property, while in other times filter light to create a cool outdoor reading space underneath.

Finally, the composition as a whole mediates with the sloping landscape, integrating into its surroundings almost as a piece of furniture, avoiding the heavy presence of a rigid box.


Vaugines, France