2001 / stanza

The faded red structure of Casa Malaparte is probably not what most would think of when presented the word ‘Mediterranean’. On the other hand, when one is presented with images of the house, one cannot avoid thinking of a certain mediterranean-ness. The iconic image of the stairs immediately makes connection in one’s mind the sounds of the waves hitting the rocky cliff below, an endless view of the glittering mediterranean sea with its characteristic turquoise colour. The gleaming ray of sun-light reflecting on the tiled rooftop floor. The cool breeze stroking your body while lightly shaking the leaves of the trees that barely make it into the corner of your eyes. An absolute horizon seen from behind the white curved wall, where time passes slowly, protected from any intruders to come.

The proposal aims to invite such intimate qualities of the solarium of the Casa Malaparte into the interior of a n anonymous room. Iconic elements of the rooftop are re-appropriated. The curved white wall still acts as a protection from the foreign eye, but the plaster material is translated into a light curtain fabric. The entire floor is no more the terracotta absorbing the heat of the sun, but is represented with red-dyed plywood with a much larger tile size. But all together, the intervention provides an intimate space for one or two people to set feet in the imaginary world of the mediterranean. A place to dive into your own mind, much like on the roof top of the Casa Malaparte.

Hyéres, France